AIM is working with our Metro IAF affiliates across the DMV (AIM, BUILD, PATH, VOICE, and WIN), and with the Amalgamated Transit Union, to stand up for Civil Rights for riders and workers across the region. Metro IAF represents 500,000 people across the DMV, and we bring our power to a civil rights issue that will shape the region for generations to come.

Together, we fought for dedicated funding in Virginia, Washington, DC and Maryland and demanded more accessible affordable transit, middle-class jobs over working-poor jobs, & affordable housing on WMATA land.

Click here to read our coverage of our 400 person Action for Transit Justice on May 7th. The action was the first regional action between all 5 IAF affiliates in the DMV, and was done in partnership with the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 689. This action kicked off the multi-year campaign that ultimately won over $15 Billion of dedicated funding for public transportation in our region.

Photo credited to VOICE leader George Duncan.