Following our series of four actions with candidates for Montgomery County Council and Executive, the action continues with our series of statewide candidate actions!

Raise your hand if you’re ready to join together to take action statewide! AIM, PATH, and ACT leaders answer Rev. Tyrone Jones’s call to action at our statewide action on June 12.

Nearly 200 leaders from across Maryland came together on June 12 to discuss our shared vision for Maryland with candidates for state office. A collaborative effort between AIM and our sibling organizations, People Acting Together in Howard County (PATH) and Anne Arundel Connecting Together (ACT), this action was an exciting step up in power as we build our capacity to organize together statewide.

Although we gathered virtually rather than in-person due to concerns about elevated COVID cases, the transition over to Zoom did not stop us from showing up strong and leading an engaging and meaningful action. In each of our two breakout rooms, 90+ leaders representing AIM, ACT, and PATH’s diverse coalition of 70 member organizations met with candidate for governor John King and candidate for Attorney General Rep. Anthony Brown to discuss our issue priorities for 2022.

Leaders from ACT and PATH facilitate our discussion with gubernatorial candidate John King. 90+ leaders were in each breakout room.
AIM and PATH leaders facilitate our discussion with Attorney General candidate Rep. Anthony Brown. 90+ leaders were in each breakout room.

Together was the big theme of the night. As Reverend Tyrone Jones led a powerful call to action, the Zoom chat filled with echoes of “Together!” and “Juntos!” The energy in this action was electric and we know the statewide candidates felt it as well.

Together— we listened, we questioned, and we committed to action. Want to join us as we build power to win sustainable and generational change statewide? You are invited to our second and final 2022 Statewide Candidate Action on June 23rd at Ark and Dove Presbyterian Church.

Full details and RSVP link here!