Background & Context

For many years, AIM has held an Accountability Action each spring to call on our County Council members to pass a county budget that serves the needs of our Montgomery County communities. Last year, we gathered at the People’s Community Baptist Church and held our elected officials to account on conditions at Cider Mill Apartments, expansion of Excel Beyond the Bell Elementary, and increased funding for affordable housing, among other priorities. 

During this year of pandemic and cultural change, AIM has decided NOT to recreate our typical AIM accountability action on Zoom.

Instead, WE WANT YOU to lead a series of smaller actions talking directly with individual council members. 

Here’s the plan: 

  1. We will invite each of the council members to meet with a group of 30+ AIM leaders on Zoom. 
  2. Each of these meetings will be a mini-action. AIM leaders will discuss our priorities for the 2021 budget and ask each council member for their responses to our priorities. 

Right now, our council members are personally obsessing about their 2022 election races while simultaneously working on policy and the 2021 budget. We want to ensure that our priorities around police reformequity in educationthe rights ofseniors, and more are considered priorities in the budget and in upcoming legislation. This series of mini-actions is also our chance to be relational with the council members and to explore creative possibilities in what we can do together politically.

Plan for AIM’s Mini-Actions at Countywide

Do you want to help plan for these mini-actions with County Council members? Would you like to play a role in these mini-actions? Do you have an idea for who should attend these mini-actions and what the agendas should look like?

Then attend next Monday’s AIM Countywide Action Team meeting! 

AIM Countywide Action Team Meeting
Monday, April 12
7:00 PM-8:15 PM

Register in advance for this meeting — After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with Zoom access information

At Monday’s Countywide meeting, you will be briefed on up-to-the-minute politics and the issues AIM is working on. We’ll craft our agendas for these mini-actions, and you’ll have the chance to decide what role you want to take, whether as a speaker or an observer.

Please send 5-10 leaders from your AIM institution to this Countywide Action Team meeting.

Save the Date: Action Debrief

Not everyone can attend every one of these political mini-actions, so let’s plan to come back together to debrief on Thursday, April 29.

AIM Action Debrief
Thursday, April 29
7:00 PM-8:15 PM

Register in advance for this meeting — After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with Zoom access information

The outcome of these mini-actions will shape our listening sessions and our strategies for AIM’s 2022 Get Out The Vote Campaign, so it’s important all AIM leaders get the chance to hear about and process the meetings.