Pedestrian Safety

Thousands of low-income families, singles, seniors and disabled persons without cars must walk along dangerous roads in order to access buses, schools, grocery stores and pharmacies in Montgomery County. AIM leaders, clergy and congregation members demanded greater pedestrian safety measures such as constructing sidewalks and crosswalks, in order to protect all people.

Some of these victories included:

  • putting in a bench and bus shelter at New Hampshire and Colesville near the Willow Manor Senior Center on Randolph Road,
  • creating a flashing light and crosswalk at Scotland, increasing crossing time for pedestrians at New Hampshire Avenue,
  • creating a “No Outlet” sign on White Ground Road in Boyds, and creating a sign warning of a pedestrian crossing in downtown Silver Spring.

AIM leaders, clergy and congregation members also held a 50 person Action to demand better pedestrian safety conditions in Silver Spring and worked with the Department of Transportation to ensure they were put into place. Additionally, after over 10 years of resistance over building a sidewalk on Cape May Road in the historic African American Good Hope Community, Jackie Jones Smith, the Pastor at Good Hope Church, Colesville United Methodist Church leaders, and other AIM members testified at the Park and Planning Board. The board took action and built the sidewalk along Cape May Road using environmentally friendly materials.

In the News

Maryland IAF Marches on Homeland Security’s Baltimore Office

Chanting “Clarity! Compassion! No Confusion!” a group of about 50 Maryland immigration advocates marched from Baltimore City Hall to the local office of the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday to demand a meeting with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The group of community advocates and local clergy called on the agency to clarify its policies on detaining and deporting undocumented immigrants. They also asked for information on where those who are arrested are held and requested that immigration officers remove the word ‘POLICE’ from their uniforms, to better distinguish them from Baltimore Police.


Dream Academy Video

See this fun and inspiring video of the Dream Academy at South Lake Elementary School!


AIM 5k Walk to Support Dream Academy Expansion

Join us for a fun afternoon to raise money for AIM to expand the Dream Academy–affordable after school programming to Montgomery County’s highest needs schools. It’s a fun afternoon and a pretty walk along Sligo Creek with plenty of friends from AIM and our congregations and schools. Get friends, family and neighbors to sponsor you to have even more impact!

REGISTER ONLINE HERE–once you register, friends and family can sponsor you online!

Click Here for a form you can use to sign up sponsors in person


AIM Seniors Fight for Pensions for WMATA Workers–Montgomery Sentinel

“No matter what field you’re in, an employee with a good salary [and] benefits is a better employee and able to deliver better services,” Madaleno said. “Do you want a happy, focused bus driver driving 35 people around, or do you want an unhappy, distracted bus driver?”

About 75 people, many of them seniors, attended the news conference, which was hosted by local community organization Action in Montgomery at Church of the Ascension in Gaithersburg. AIM spokesperson Cynthia Marshall said the seniors traveled from retirement communities in the county to support their local bus drivers.