AIM Get Out The Vote Campaign

AIM is organizing a strictly non-partisan Get Out The Vote (GOTV) in the 2018 election in Montgomery County. We will ensure that our priorities are represented in the election cycle and that all candidates are held accountable by the voters. We have committed to sign up 10,000 voters to vote with us. Will you join today by signing this pledge? Click here for the FULL AIM AGENDA (in English and Spanish), and FULL AGENDA WITH RATIONALE.

Vote with AIM

Want to do more? Be a non-partisan GOTV Champion and sign up other people to vote in the primary June 26 with the AIM Agenda.

GOTV Champion Roles and Responsibilities in English y Español.

AIM Vote Pledge Card

Join us in Action! There are lots of opportunities to stand with AIM and hold our elected officials accountable this spring.
AIM County Executive Candidates and GOTV Action

Wednesday May 30, 7-9 pm

The People’s Community Baptist Church, Silver Spring



County Council Candidate Actions and Get Out The Vote Trainings


  • Wed April 25, 7-9 PM – Bethel World Outreach


County Council Candidate Responses to the AIM Agenda–click on each candidate name to see their questionnaire

At Large Candidates:

Gabe Albornoz

Marilyn Balcombe

Shruti Bhatnagar

Cherri Branson

Brandi Brooks

Bill Conway

Hoan Dang

Loretta Jean Garcia

Paul Geller

Evan Glass

Richard Gottfried

Neil Greenberger

Seth Grimes

Will Jawando

Melissa McKenna

Danielle Meitiv

Jill Ormtan-Fouse

Hans Riemer

Michele Riley

Graciela Rivera-Oven

Mohammad Siddique



Bill Cook

Andrew Friedson

Pete Fosselman

Ana Sol Gutierrez

Jim McGee

Reggie Oldak

Dalbin Osorio

Meredith Wellington



Tiquia Bennett

Craig Rice



Sydney Katz



Nancy Navarro



Malikidogo Fludd-Kenge

Kevin Harris

In the News

GOTV Champion Roles and Responsibilities




GOTV Champion Role and Responsibilities

So you want to do more? Be a GOTV Champion and sign up other people to vote with the AIM Agenda. Below are the roles and responsibilities of a Champion

Download a PDF of the script here: GOTV Champion in English or Campión de GOTV en Español

GOTV Champion Role and Responsibilities

  • Sign up 20+ people to Vote AIM by signing a yellow commitment card to vote in the June Primary and on AIM issues.
  • Let the GOTV Captain from your organization know you are a “GOTV Champion,” and share your progress with them. Give your signed cards to them by May 31 if possible, after you write down the names, phone numbers and emails of the people who signed your cards.
  • Between June 12 and June 26, remind each person you signed up to vote in Early Voting (June 14-21) or on June 26. Confirm they will be voting.
  • Sign up other people to be GOTV Champions.

Who, Where and When to Sign People Up to Vote

  • Sign up anyone who is both a resident of Montgomery County and a US Citizen.
  • Sign up people you have some connection to in your life, people you know or recognize.
  • Think about all of the gatherings you will go to before May 31 (preferred) or June 26. Sign people up:
    • At PTA nights, school activity nights or parent events, sports events, etc.
    • Family events.
    • Sign up your neighbors. If you don’t know them, use this as an excuse to get to know them by going door-to-door to sign them up and introduce yourself.
    • At your house of worship.
    • At a party.
    • At any group you’re part of–a book group, regular coffee hour, prayer or text study group, etc.
    • Be creative and thoughtful about who you sign up and all the possibilities. You’re giving people an opportunity to act on issues they care about, and make their vote more meaningful.
    • If someone you want to sign up isn’t able to vote, would they be willing to join you in the GOTV efforts and sign up voters they know?
    • If you find someone excited about what you’re doing, ask them to join you in your efforts, and sign up to be a GOTV Champion too, or to commit to signing up ____ (5, 10, 25, 50) people themselves!
    • See if they are will commit to come to the AIM County Executive Candidates’ Action on May 31 to see them in person, or to the County Council Candidates’ Actions on April 19, 22, and/or 25.


El rol y las responsabilidades del(a) campión de GOTV

  • Registrar a los menos 20 personas a la campaña de ¨Vote AIM¨ a traves de firmar la tarjeta de compromiso (de color amarilla) para votar en la elección primaria en junio y en los asuntos de AIM.
  • Avisar al Capitán de GOTV quien pertenece a su institución que usted es un(a) “GOTV Champion,”/Campión de GOTV. Compartir sus logros con él/ella. Entregarle a las tarjetas amarillas firmadas antes del 31 de Mayo después de que usted haya copiado los nombres, números de teléfono y correos electrónicos de las personas que firmaron las tarjetas.
  • Entre 12 de junio y 26 de junio, acordarle a cada persona que ellos hicieron el compromiso de votar en Early Voting/Votar Temprano (14-21 de junio) o el 26 de junio. Confirmar con ellos de que si van a votar.
  • Registrar a otras personas para ser GOTV Champions/campiones de GOTV.


Quién, Dónde, y Cuando Debe Registrar La Gente Para Votar

  • Registrar a cualquier persona que es residente del condado de Montgomery y ciudadano de los Estados Unidos.
  • Registrar personas que usted conoce.
  • Hay que ser creativo/a sobre quien va a registrar. Usted está dándoles una oportunidad de tomar acción en asuntos que les importan, una oportunidad de valorar a su voto.
  • Pensar en todas las reuniones que va a asistir antes del 31 de mayo (preferido) o 26 de junio. Por ejemplo:
    • reuniones de PTA, actividades en la escuela, reuniones deportivos, etc.
    • Eventos con familiares
    • Reuniones con vecinos. Si no los conocen, sería una oportunidad para conocerlos.
    • En el lugar dónde ora y reza.
    • en fiestas.
    • en cualquier grupo en que usted participa- clubes, comunidades, etc.
    • Si usted conoce a alguién que no puede votar, pregúntele si está dispuesta a participar en los esfuerzos de GOTV, o sea registrar a las personas que ellos conocen para votar.
    • Igual si usted encuentra a alguién que es super emocionado en lo que usted está haciendo, pregúntele si él o ella quiere ayudarle en registrar unos (5, 10, 25, 50) personas!
    • Pregúntele si ellos pueden hacer el compromiso de venir a la acción grande de AIM con los candidatos del condado el día 31 de Mayo o a las acciones con los candidatos para el consejo el 19, 22 y el 25 de Abril.

Sample Script for Get Out The Vote




Sample Script for Get Out The Vote.

You can use this script below while talking with voters. Download a PDF of the script here:

GOTV script in English>> AIM GOTV Script El Guión en Español>> AIM GOTV Script Español

I am part of Action In Montgomery, a group that ____________________________ (your congregation/school/etc.) is involved with, and I’m doing Get Out The Vote for the primary election.

Are you planning to vote in the primary in June?

Is there an issue you want to vote on in the election? Why? Does it affect you personally?

I’m getting involved in this election because . . . (speak personally about why voting is important to you, or an issue from the AIM agenda that is particularly important to you in this election).

We’re working to make the candidates accountable to us and the issues we think are most important in this election. We’re signing up 10,000 people to vote in the primary and to send a message to our elected officials that this election is about protecting immigrant families, making housing affordable for young adults, families and seniors, and quality education for all students. Are any of these issues important to you? Why?

Will you commit to voting in the primary, and to signing up to vote with the AIM issues? This means that when you choose who to vote for, these are some of the issues you will consider before you vote.

Would you like to come see the candidates for County Executive answer to the AIM agenda on May 31?

[If they seem very interested, ask them if they want to make this election more meaningful by signing up people to vote like you are].

Thank them for their time and interest.


Maryland IAF Marches on Homeland Security’s Baltimore Office

Chanting “Clarity! Compassion! No Confusion!” a group of about 50 Maryland immigration advocates marched from Baltimore City Hall to the local office of the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday to demand a meeting with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The group of community advocates and local clergy called on the agency to clarify its policies on detaining and deporting undocumented immigrants. They also asked for information on where those who are arrested are held and requested that immigration officers remove the word ‘POLICE’ from their uniforms, to better distinguish them from Baltimore Police.


Dream Academy Video

See this fun and inspiring video of the Dream Academy at South Lake Elementary School!