Dear AIM:

We have been reaching out to school and congregational leaders about how our relational organizing can be helpful in connecting people and addressing the challenges facing the vulnerable in our community during the current health crisis. During this time AIM will:

Continue to lead: Our organizations are on the front lines and in relationship with some of the most vulnerable in our community. We will figure out how to use our collective power to protect and support people at the front-lines and the margins, including people who are medically vulnerable, losing income, food and housing insecure, etc. 

Collaborate with Other IAF Organizations and Leaders to support schools and ministries in relating and connecting to people in a time of isolation and anxiety. We are looking at doing weekly training sessions and caucuses to support and share best practices in relationship building and standing up for the most vulnerable. 

Continue to act: This is our chance to learn how to use virtual meeting spaces and online organizing. In times of uncertainty, the ability to act on our power can be particularly grounding and meaningful. 


We will not be holding large in-person trainings or actions. We will only meet when we can comply with the recommendations of medical professionals, and ask that anyone who is in a risk category or showing any symptoms of possible illness stay home. 

WE ARE CANCELLING OUR MARCH 17 TRAINING.  We will hold our March 31 Training in some capacity online, but have to work out the details over the next week. We may offer other trainings, study sessions, etc., along the way, and with our sister organizations.

We will continue to do action, but do it virtually—we are currently working with experts to help us do this most effectively and learn new tools.


Cynthia Marshall
Lead Organizer

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